Advanced nutrition programme

This is one of highest quality supplement ranges you can get on the market. Since I have been using this I have seen even more results in my skin and my energy levels have really boosted. It is impossible to get these levels of vitamins and minerals from your daily diet alone. It is important to understand that you are feeding your skin from within and everyone can benefit from this programme.

For example: client in their 30s I would suggest Vitality 1 (Multi vitamin) Skin Omegas (fish oils) skin antioxidants and Vitamin A.

Once you start taking them you see a real difference especially when used with the skin care products of Environ and then finish the skin with Jane Iredale make up

Advanced Nutrition Programme

  • Skin Accumax

    This scientifically advanced nutritional supplement which works from within naturally for clear flawless skin. This is incredible and the results have made a difference to so many clients of all ages.

  •  £39.95

  • Skin Complete (120 capsules)

    This duo of antioxidants and skin vitamin A work in synergy to protect from inside and compliments all the good work your creams are doing on the outside. Once I had tried these I saw a real difference in my skin a real brightness that people commented on.

  •  £45.00

  • Skin Omegas (60 capsules)

    These are essential for skin health as they contain optimum levels of omega 3 along with omega 6 and in addition of vitamin A.

  •  £28.00

  • Skin Vit A (60 capsules)

    This super supplement of skin vitamin A and D will help maintain healthy skin as well as strong bones and muscles.

  •  £19.50

  • Skin Collagen Support (60 capsules)

    These capsules give nutritional support to help maintain plump looking skin with the help of Vitamin C for collagen formation.

  •  £22.00

  • Skin Vitality 1 (60 capsules)

    This is a broad spectrum supplement that includes vitamins and minerals to help in maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. This is an essential must have as it is a background vitamin which supports the other supplements that are in regime.

  •  £21.00

  • Skin Vit C (60 capsules)

    A powerful antioxidant that supports your immune system and supports collagen formation. Great for those in the winter months that feel they need a boost.

  •  £13.00

  • Pro Vitality formula

    This is your daily blister strip containing 6 top of the range supplements for optimum well being. Each box should last a month.

  •  £46.75

  • Nail Science (60 capsules)

    I have seen a huge difference in my nails and so have my clients in their hands. It comprises of vitamins and minerals especially for the maintenance of normal nails.

  •  £24.45

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